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Meet Tess, the first properly-licensed image generator that enables artists to own their style.
a young woman and her dog
Made with Flowers
in the style of Zebradaa
Built in partnership with real artists like
Kemal Sanli
Kemal Sanli
Dynamic illustrator and creative artist based in Istanbul. As featured in Adobe, Google, HBR, and Fast Company.
"I’ve always been passionate about staying at the forefront of technology and embracing the innovations it offers. I see AI as increasingly essential in every aspect of our lives, and joining Tess seemed like the ideal way to integrate AI into my profession. This integration not only simplifies my tasks and potentially increases my profits but also allows me more time for personal or niche projects without the usual industry constraints."
Illustrations by Kemal Sanli
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More original art in your style
Unlike other AI image generators, Tess models produce art in a consistent visual style. Beautiful illustrations become more accessible to all.
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Copyright-safe generations created by artists
Generate properly-licensed images using models trained in the style of an artist, with their full (and legal!) consent.
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Screenshot of Tess
Screenshot of Tess
A world class image editor, designed for AI
Edit and customize your generations in just a few clicks, all from the web
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For Artists
Take ownership of AI
Discover how AI can generate in your artistic style
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One single place for branded illustrations
Choose or create a single style, and use it to create a consistent look and feel across all of your content.
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Consistent illustrations, every time
Describe exactly what you want in the style you need, and create variations until it's perfect.
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