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Learn more about how pricing works on Tess for creators, and how payouts work for artists.
Tess Pricing
Image by Foreign Nostalgia on Tess
May 1, 2024

Tess is the first AI image generator that pays artists. We offer a variety of subscription plans for individuals and teams, and we also offer a revenue sharing program for artists who contribute to Tess. In this document, we'll discuss how pricing works on Tess for both creators and artists.

For individuals

Each of our plans allows users to generate images on Tess. Your generation limit resets every month on the day you signed up. Unused generations do not roll over to the next month.

Starter plan:
  • For creators wanting to try out Tess for the first time
  • 50 generations / month
  • $20 USD / month
Pro plan:
  • For customers who want to generate illustrations for personal or commercial projects
  • 200 generations / month
  • $40 USD / month
Premium plan:
  • For customers and teams who need to generate even more illustrations for their projects
  • 600 generations / month
  • $80 USD / month

For teams

Tess offers custom enterprise plans for creative teams looking to create a larger quantity of images over the course of a year. These images can be used for personal or commercial purposes. Teams can also elect to pay for a custom, private model trained on their own artwork or illustrations. If you'd like to discuss an enterprise plan, please reach out to us at hello@tess.design.

For contributors

Artists who contribute to Tess are compensated through a revenue sharing program. When users generate images with an artist's style, Tess will pay out a royalty from the generation fees directly to the artist. Artists who contribute to Tess are also eligible for unlimited generations using their styles.