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Learn more about the various licenses on Tess that are relevant for both creators and artists
Tess License
Image by Foreign Nostalgia on Tess
Apr 15, 2024

This page documents the various licenses that are relevant to both users and artists on Tess. Depending on what you are trying to do on the Tess platform, you may need to consider different licenses. Our aim is to create a straightforward and fair licensing structure that benefits both creators and artists.

For customers

Images generated on Tess are meant to be used without complex licensing structures. Tess works with artists directly to ensure fair compensation when you download and use images from our platform. In short:

What is allowed:
  • All images generated on Tess can be downloaded and used for personal and commercial purposes
  • No permission is required, though proper attribution is encouraged and appreciated.
What is not allowed:
  • Images cannot be sold without significant modification.
  • Images cannot be used for AI training.
  • Compiling images from Tess to replicate a similar service is forbidden.
Longform version:

The Tess Subscription grants to Customer a non-transferable, worldwide right to use, copy, modify, download, and distribute the images downloaded from Tess for any lawful commercial purpose, subject to the restrictions, terms and conditions of the Subscription Agreement.

Customers must review and abide by the Tess Community Guidelines and Attribution Guidelines.

For contributors

Artists who contribute to Tess are compensated for their work through a novel licensing agreement. In short, we either license or buy art from Contributors to train AI models on Tess. While each agreement is tailed to individual artists, artists who choose to work with Tess can expect to agree to the contributor agreement.