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As an illustrator, I’m witnessing the transformation of creative professions. While some opportunities fade, new ones emerge. I choose to view this as a time for experimentation. Working with Tess marks an exciting beginning! I’m thrilled to see my illustrations taking on new life in ways I couldn’t have imagined just a year ago.
Asya Alexandrova
Asya Alexandrova
Illustrator and travel sketcher
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Adobe Stock
Photo credit: Adobe Stock
Tess Image
Created with Reflections
Trained on work by Anthony Araya
Tess Image
Created with Retro
Trained on work by Jose Elgueta
Tess Image
Created with Young Love
Trained on work by Mel Ferreira
Tess Image
Created with Shapes
Trained on work by Kemal Sanli
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Training illustrations, made by Kapwing
Tess Training Images
Article cover art made from training images
Images Edited and Created with Tess
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Paul Pastourmatzis
Photo credit: Paul Pastourmatzis / Unsplash
Images Edited and Created with Tess
Resized, illustrated, and edited with Tess
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