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Find out more about the mission, vision, team, and values behind what we're building at Tess.
About Tess
Image by Foreign Nostalgia on Tess
Apr 15, 2024

Tess is the world's first properly-licensed AI image generator. Our mission is to empower creative people to leverage AI ethically. To this end, we've built a platform that allows creators to generate images in a consistent visual style, and for the artists behind the styles to be fairly compensated for their work.

What we believe

We believe that generative AI is here to stay.

We believe that art should be human first. Artists should be equipped for a new future, where AI is a tool and not a replacement.

We believe that software should be beautiful, transparent, and ethical, and we hope to bring this to our craft everyday.

Although AI can generate images, it cannot generate art. Art requires expertise, insight, originality, and a unique human perspective. We believe that people can leverage AI as a tool to brainstorm ideas and produce art without losing the richness of visual expression.

Who we are

We're a team of technologists based in San Francisco, California. Our team previously built software products from 0 to over 30 million users. We hope to use these experiences in the technology industry to help artists as well as creators.

Why is Tess important?

We compare this moment to the shift of music, from purchasing CDs to streaming. The future of art is not going to look the same as the present, and we believe that Tess is a step towards that new future that expands the market of potential art patrons and supports a healthy ownership ecosystem.

Learn more

Tess is currently in beta, and we are onboarding interested artists and customers. To join the waitlist, sign in and we'll be in touch.