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Community Guidelines

The Tess community guidelines are used to inform our visitors about our expectations for behavior on our platform.
Tess Community Guidelines
Image by Foreign Nostalgia on Tess
Feb 19, 2024

Our platform is built on the principles of creativity, respect, and ethical use of technology. Tess directs money to the artists we partner with and pays an advance royalty for the right to train models on their work. Read more about our license. Using the Tess platform means that you agree to abide by the following community guidelines. These are created to ensure a constructive and positive experience for everyone on Tess.

Respect for the Artist and Their Work

Create art in a way that honors the essence and integrity of the artist's style and themes. Refrain from generating content that could be seen as disrespectful or out of alignment with the artist's values. Refrain from disparaging the original works of the artist or the concepts that inspired their art.

Content Restrictions

  • No Illegal Works: Content that is illegal or promotes illegal activities is strictly prohibited.
  • No Abuse: Do not create works that are abusive, harass, or demean individuals or groups.
  • No Misleading or Deceptive Works: Art that is designed to deceive, mislead, or propagate falsehoods is not allowed.
  • No Infringement of Intellectual Property: You must not use Tess to generate art that infringes on the intellectual property rights of others unless you have explicit written permission from the rights holder or your use qualifies as fair use under copyright law.
  • No AI without permission: Do not use Tess outputs to train AI models or create a similar or competing service to Tess.

Prohibited Content

  • Violence and Hate: Generating art that incites violence, promotes hate, or discriminates against individuals or groups is forbidden.
  • Mockery and Disrespect: Avoid content that mocks, belittles, or disrespects any individual, group, or the artist themselves.
  • No pornographic or obscene images
  • Legal Compliance: Ensure your creations do not contravene any laws or regulations.

Originality and Creativity

Tess encourages the creation of original art inspired by the artist's work. While drawing inspiration, your creations should be infused with your own creativity and interpretation. Use prompts, refinements, and images to bring your own creative vision into your work.

Use of Generated Art

For art intended for commercial use, ensure you comply with our licensing agreements and respect the artist's commercial rights. Be mindful of the ethical considerations and legal requirements surrounding the generated content. If your artwork involves real individuals, consider privacy rights and the need for consent, especially in creating and sharing content that could be considered personal or sensitive. Ensure that all image-to-image include a meaningful transformation to avoid copyright infringement. When Tess images are used, attribute the name of the model according to our Attribution guidelines.

Reporting violations

We are dedicated to upholding these guidelines to maintain a respectful and legally compliant platform. If you come across content that violates these guidelines, please report it to our team. Violations may result in content removal, account suspension, or other necessary actions. We may look at some pages and posts on Tess and review reported pages to identify potential violations of these terms and our policies.

Evolution of Guidelines

As Tess grows and evolves, so will our community guidelines. The laws are evolving in this space, so keep your ear out for new court cases which may impact the legality of your work. We welcome your feedback and suggestions to ensure these guidelines reflect our commitment to creating a positive, creative, and respectful community.

Thank you

We thank you for your cooperation and enthusiasm in making Tess a platform that not only showcases the beauty of AI-generated art but does so with the utmost respect for creativity, legality, and ethical standards.