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Onboarding to Tess

Welcome to Tess! This article outlines how we work with new artists and the step towards launching your model on Tess.
Onboarding to Tess
Image by Reflections on Tess

Welcome to Tess! This article is written for artists are onboarding on to the Tess platform as a contributor. Here’s what to expect when you’re a new contributor.

Step 1 🖼: The artist expresses interest by sharing their portfolio, and we agree on an advanced royalty.

The advanced royalty amount is negotiated between the artist (or their representative) and Tess. The amount depends on the credentials of the artist and the quality of their portfolio.

Often, at this stage, we meet for an introductory call where the artist can ask questions about Tess and learn more about the origin story.

Image by Reflections on Tess

Step 2 📝: The artist submits the art for their Tess model and the signed Contributor Agreement

Please submit 10-20 images that have a similar visual style. Each of the images must meet our training image requirements. Artists can share the images through Google Drive, Dropbox, or email.

The Tess contributor agreement is a novel licensing model. After reviewing, artists sign the PDF and return the document to hello@tess.design 

Image by Reflections on Tess

Step 3 💵: When Tess’s content moderation team approves the art, we pay the advanced royalty.

If possible, send us an invoice from your platform of choice. Many artists use Paypal.

Image by Reflections on Tess

Step 4 🛠: We train a Tess model on your art work and set up your Tess profile

The Tess team sets up an official model using the provided training data. Every model has a unique numeric identifier, like /models/125. We will also add your name on your Tess profile.

Image by Reflections on Tess

Step 5💻: Artist gets an email invite to sign in to Tess to see their model and dashboard

Artists can sign in using the same email address indicated in the Contributor Agreement. Once you sign in, you will also be able to add information to describe your style and update the name of your model. Please contact us if you want to adjust the images in your model.

Step 6 🔗: You add a link to your website and share the URL of the webpage that links to your Tess profile

The URL should be to https://www.tess.design. It can be from anywhere on the website (for example, hidden at the end of the blog post, in the footer, or anywhere). Remember that the more people who use your profile, the more people get paid, so you will benefit from a more visible link.

Image by Reflections on Tess

Step 7🗣: We will keep you up to date with an email on the day we launch. Consider subscribing to our Blog to get other updates about our platform, the future of AI illustration, and copyright law. 

After we launch, you will be able to see a dashboard of how many people are using your generator and a feed of the prompts that they're inputting by signing in to your Tess Contributor Account.

You’ve joined a community of dozens of artists committed to the future of illustration. We’re working on formalizing our contributor community into a Slack or Discord group. Please let us know if you have questions or feedback as we build towards launch.